Keeping Cups Clean.

Many cafes are no longer accepting personal BYO Cups due to COVID-19 hygiene concerns. Fortunately, our café partners are equipped with TCX Cups which are delivered to cafes Commercially Washed, Sanitised & Hygienically Sealed.

We are working with cafes and members to provide zero contact (touch-free) cup allocation & returns at cafes, to protect our community, care for the planet & still enjoy a takeaway coffee!

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TCX is Takeaway, Evolved.

It’s Time To Ditch Single-Use Coffee Cups.

TCX is Takeaway, Evolved.

It’s Time To Ditch Single-Use Coffee Cups.


How TCX Works.


Memberships from $3 a month give you access to the library system of TCX Cups with 2 Cups out at a time.


At the café, the barista scans your unique account code & scans a TCX Cup – this links the Cup to your account.


Takeaway your drink in the TCX Cup. Your dashboard shows which Cups you have out & need to return.


Exchange a used Cup for a fresh one at a Café or return it to a Drop Box – pull the chute & drop the Cup with its lid.

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The old way of doing takeaway is killing our planet.
It’s time to re-imagine takeaway for a new generation.

What would it take to evolve takeaway?

How about combining the Convenience of single-use with the Sustainability of reusable, delivered like a Library system for Cups? You’d get reusable cups that were already at the cafe, easy to use & return.

How do you encourage exchange & shift user behaviour towards re-use? We know it’s easy to push product into the world – that’s the industrial linear economy – however, it’s difficult to get it back. Which is why we maintain stewardship of our products at every stage.

And here’s the thing; people fricken love the form factor of a paper cup, but paper sucks for the planet. And cafés are built around the paper cup; from stackability to workflow to machine heads, café ecosystems are designed for paper cups. But again, paper really, really sucks.

Imagine upgrading the familiar with next generation materials & circular thinking, to deliver product familiarity for a happier planet.

TCX maintains what we love about takeaway, re-imagined & evolved for what’s next.

Welcome to Takeaway Freedom.

Designed for Sustainability.

We’ve designed next-generation systems, methods & materials that enable us to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill.


Powered by Technology.

Smart inventory & custom-engineered Exchangeable Cups deliver enhanced user experience & convenience.


Crafted for Convenience.

We’ve created user experiences that are enjoyable, efficient & easy – delivering a convenient alternative to single-use.


Experience the Evolution of Takeaway.

TCX is takeaway for a new generation. We looked at the state of takeaway & the crushing impact it’s had on our planet – and asked ourselves, “how do we do takeaway so that it’s convenient, sustainable and delivers enhanced user experience?”.

We’ve created not only a next generation coffee cup, designed to match the exacting standards of top baristas, but a takeaway system that delivers big on customer experience, ease of use & positive impact on the planet. Welcome to Takeaway Freedom.

Explore the Evolution & Impact of Takeaway over the years with our handy Infographic. Enter your deets below and we’ll totally send you a copy…

Experience Takeaway Freedom.

We help people & organisations evolve towards ‘takeaway freedom’ by avoiding single-use takeaway cups in cafés, offices, buildings & cities.

Lisa Atkins

General Manager, Rialto
“At Rialto we have a commitment to always aiming higher. We know that single-use is simply not sustainable, and in line with community expectations we aim to alleviate the need for single-use coffee cups. By implementing the TCX service, we’ve enabled our community to get the best of both worlds; takeaway convenience without the waste. Rialto is fortunate to house some of the most iconic coffee brands in Melbourne. For us, it was important to choose a product that maintains the same high standards of experience, taste and quality served up daily by our café community. We’ve found TCX to be an ideal fit for our cafes and customers since launching the service, with over 5,000 single-use cups avoided in just the first month.”

Matt Bruce

Lead Brand Specialist | Mercedes me Melbourne.
“Mercedes me Store Melbourne has been thrilled with the implementation, efficiency and effectiveness of TCX. Being a carbon zero certified venue, and having removed all disposable coffee cups, it is important for us to be able to offer reusable solutions that are customer friendly that also benefit the environment. We have received very positive feedback on the product, the seamless customer experience at POS and consistency with our sustainability initiatives. TCX has been a great addition to Mercedes me Store.”

Zoe Gillan

Manager of Rustica Cafe at Rialto
"TCX has been awesome for us here at Rustica. Not only is it saving us money from not having to buy hundreds of paper cups a week, but our prime motivation is saving the turtles. We really care about our environmental impact and replacing paper cups with TCX is helping us and our customers contribute to a cleaner planet. Our customers love how easy it is to use, and how much better the TCX Cups are than paper cups. We’ve really been pushing the service, because we see it as a simple way to make a real difference."


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