“We imagine a world where single-use disposable cups are a thing of the past.”


Inspired by the ABC's 'War on Waste', brothers and Co-Founders Marty & Jeremy Rowell saw an opportunity to tackle the 3.3 Million Coffee Cups being sent to landfill in Australia every day.

They spent the next 2 years crafting not only a better cup, but a smart inventory management platform that would enable them to solve the problems of the traditional linear economy model (make, use, dispose).

TCX brings to market a truly circular solution, that aims to Minimise manufacturing whilst Maximising re-use through exchange. By avoiding waste to landfill altogether, TCX enables businesses to eliminate the contaminaton caused by disposable single-use coffee cups.

By enabling organisations to go 'Paper Cup Free', TCX helps businesses get ahead of pending legislative and social changes, as the world awakens to the negative impact of single-use disposables on our planet.


Our vision is to live in, and leave for the next generation, a world free of the waste and pollution caused by the widespread use of disposable cups. Whilst single-use items are convenient, the sheer volume of resource use, waste creation and ongoing pollution of our environment, is now becoming socially unacceptable.

Founded on the principles of the circular economy, TCX was created to provide a convenient and sustainable alternative to single-use cups.

By maintaining product stewardship at all stages of the product lifecycle, and encouraging return & exchange of its products at consumer-level, TCX achieves Zero Waste to Landfill and guarantees a truly closed-loop solution.


We started by taking responsibility for products after consumers have finished using them, then designing the products, systems and economic model to support it.

When TCX Exchangeable Cups reach end of life, we take them out of circulation, crush them down to recover the material, and use 100% of the material to create new TCX Cups.

This way TCX Cups need never go to landfill or risk polluting the environment.

TCX Purpose.

Enabling businesses, buildings & cities to avoid single-use waste.


Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals

TCX helps organisations demonstrate their sustainability commitments by providing high-touch, high-visibility sustainability programs and is aligned directly to SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production.

Aimed at reducing production impacts through behavioural change, SDG 12 implores organisations to make more sustainable choices about the products & services they procure, preferencing solutions that consume less natural resources in production, use & disposal.

The importance of SDG 12 is discussed in greater detail below.

Recognised by Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO)

TCX has been recognised for its contribution to sustainable packaging in the recently published APCO Packaging Guidelines, for its partnership with GPT Group, as part of the group’s implementation of reuse programs.

As detailed in the Guidelines, “The GPT Group is one of Australia’s largest diversified property groups… [and] was the first Australian real estate company committed to the UN Global Compact and is a global Real Estate sector leader on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.” Making GPT an ideal partner for TCX’s innovative approach to sustainable takeaway.

The GPT Group case study helped demonstrate “real-world implementation examples, evaluating barriers to implementation and offering practical guidance on overcoming challenges.” Following implementation of the TCX service, “reuse rates have consistently more than doubled to between 18 and 25%. This increase has been achieved with very limited promotion which suggests that reuse rates could be even higher if combined with active promotion.”

The Food Services Packaging Sustainability Guidelines are available to download here: https://www.packagingcovenant.org.au/documents/item/3134

Chosen by ASCA, The Australian Specialty Coffee Association

TCX was chosen as the cup of choice for the 2019 Australian Cup Tasters Championship. As a competiton heavily reliant on the use of 1,000’s of coffee cups (up to 120+ cups per round, per event), ASCA sees TCX as the ideal solution to a sticky challenge:

In the past, we would use and discard thousands of paper cups at each event, but the challenge for us was finding a truly sustainable alternative that we could easily transport to use at multiple events. TCX Cups are a fantastic solution – not only do they eliminate waste, but the material of the Cup has been designed to ensure no contamination to taste, which is imperative to the integrity of a Cup Tasters Competition.” – ASCA President, Kieran Westlake



What is the Goal of SDG 12?

To ensure sustainable consumption & production patterns in order to reduce the human footprint on the planet’s natural resources.


More people globally are expected to join the middle class over the next two decades. This is good for individual prosperity, but will increase demand for already constrained natural resources. If we don’t act to change our consumption & production behaviours, we risk causing irreversible damage to our environment.

If the global population reaches 9.6 Billion by 2050, the equivalent of almost 3 planets will be required to sustain current lifestyles.

How TCX Supports SDG 12 Goals

Founded on the principles of the circular economy TCX is designed for waste avoidance and genuine closed-loop materials stewardship.

Instead of requiring virgin paper pulp and inordinate quantities of natural resources such as water to produce a single-use cup that is used for 5-10 minutes, TCX minimises production with single-shot molding of a high quality co-polymer that lasts 1,000’s of uses.

EOL material is captured, and 100% is remade into new TCX products, creating a truly closed-loop production and resource management system.

By shifting our production patterns to align with circular economy principles we make a significant contribution to minimising consumption of natural resources.


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