About The Cup eXchange

Our vision is to live in, and leave for the next generation, a world free of the waste and pollution caused by the widespread use of disposable cups.
Whilst single-use items are convenient, the sheer volume of resource use, waste creation and ongoing pollution of our environment, is now becoming socially unacceptable.
Founded on the principles of the circular economy, TCX was created to provide a convenient and sustainable alternative to single-use cups.

Creating A Truly Circular Economic Model

We started by taking responsibility for products after consumers have finished using it, then designing the products, systems and economic model to support it.
When TCX Cups reach end of life, we take them out of circulation, crush them down to recover the material, and use 100% of the material to create new TCX Cups.
So TCX cups need never go to landfill or risk polluting the environment.