TCX makes doing the right thing (for the planet) convenient, efficient & easy.

When we set out to design a sustainable alternative to single-use cups for the mass market, we knew that convenience was going to be critical to success. Because, let’s be honest; people generally don’t like change, particularly “pre-coffee” during their morning commute. Our solution needed to be elegant, flexible, easy & localised. We decided to make Exchange & Return as efficient & convenient as dropping a paper cup in the trash (*cries inside*).


Making Genuine Change Easy.

Shifting Behaviour: The Transition to ‘Paper Cup Freedom’

Genuine sustainability requires mass behavioural change. TCX is the only single-use cup alternative to consider every stage of the user journey – from café, to work, to home and every step in between – and create user experiences that are enjoyable, efficient & easy. This is how we facilitate the shift from destructive patterns of single use & disposal, to sustainable behaviours of exchange & avoidance.

TCX exchangeable cup

Re-imagining the Wheel

“If it ain’t broke, Don’t fix it”. “Don’t reinvent the wheel!”. The problem with the way we’ve been doing takeaway is that it’s broken, but it’s also super convenient & matches our fast-paced modern lives. So “the wheel” kinda works, but also needs fixing.

To do takeaway in a new way, we took the best of both worlds – the convenience of single-use and the sustainability of reusable. We Re-Imagined the Wheel, through the lens of the Circular Economy.

A Library system for Cups:

Isn’t it annoying when you leave your BYO cup on your desk! Or when you forgot to wash it, and it’s kinda gross and you hand it over to your barista… and there’s that awkward eye contact… Imagine a reusable cup that was already at the cafe, wouldn’t that be handy!

TCX is the convenient alternative to personal reusable cups. And with TCX Cup Credits, your account comes loaded with the ability to have multiple Cups out at a time – just like a library book system (you remember libraries right?) So you’ve always got the ability to grab your takeaway, without the stress of remembering, carrying or washing a BYO Cup, and without the guilt of having to use a single-use cup.

The Next Challenge: Getting Cups back

The old takeaway model was simple; get a cup, throw it away, make it someone else’s problem. But that simply won’t do for a sustainable, circular solution.

Simply putting more cups out into the world isn’t the TCX way. We also want to make sure we can get them back! That’s how we close the loop on the materials (we take responsibility for our products), whilst mirroring the traditional (unwanted & destructive) behaviours of single-use disposal.

Again, we re-imagined the wheel, taking the best of what exists and is familiar, to create convenient returns for used Cups, so we can get them back, wash them and re-stock cafés.

TCX Drop Boxes work just like a Mail Box – drop your TCX Cup off at a convenient location, we collect it, wash & sanitize it and re-stock fresh, clean Cups to cafés.

TCX Members get to do what they’re used to doing – use & dispose – only in a super sustainable way. Minimal behavioural change for massive environmental benefit.

And you never, ever have to wash your own cup ever again. Win-win-win… win.

Familiar by Design

The straight up truth is that y’all people love you some paper cups! You love the shape, the feel, the size, the way they fit your cup holder… so when we decided to re-imagine the paper cup for a new generation we looked at every style of cup on the market. And guess what?! We ended up back at the humble (although horrendous for the environment) paper cup.

We also wanted to design our Cups with Café operators in mind – we needed to fit into their workflows, bench space, machine operations, and generally not create any extra work for them.

We took the form factor of the iconic paper cup, and improved it for reusability, durability, café performance & enhanced user experience.

TCX Cups are Engineered for Cafés

  • Low stack height
  • Fits under group heads
  • Fits standard single-use lids – and that *click* – OMG
  • Follows same workflow as personal reusable cups

TCX Cups are Designed for Humans

  • Thermal properties won’t singe your fingers off – even with a long black!
  • Coffee stays warmer longer
  • Feels awesome in your hand
  • Won’t crush in your hand like paper
  • Interchangeable sizes with membership – get any size, any time

TCX Drop Boxes

TCX Drop Boxes allow members to conveniently return used TCX Cups when they have finished their takeaway drink. Much like a post box, Drop Boxes collect TCX Cups for washing, sanitising & re-stocking by TCX.

Businesses can also install Drop Boxes in their offices as part of a TCX Sponsorship Program, to make it even more convenient for staff to return used Cups.

TCX Drop Boxes are linked to TCX’s CSR reporting. TCX reports on the number of TCX Cups collected from Drop Boxes, every Cup collected represents a single-use cup saved from landfill.

Our Drop Boxes allow us to

  • Maintain product ownership & responsibility at the ‘disposal’ end of the customer journey
  • Maximise convenience and encourage re-use & exchange
  • Create a separate waste stream to reduce contamination
  • Collect related single-use items such as lids for sustainable disposal

Join. Scan. Enjoy.

Getting started with TCX is as easy as Joining, Scanning & Enjoying your fully sustainable takeaway on-the-go.

Members can join online (here), as part of a Corporate Program (here), or by purchasing a TCX KeyCard at an enabled café. Membership gives you immediate access to the entire network of TCX Cups available at enabled cafés.

At the café, baristas scan your unique account code & scan a TCX Cup (giving you Custodianship of the Cup), then serve your drink in the TCX Cup.

You frolic away down the street, enjoying a better tasting coffee that’s better for the planet. #Winning.

TCX Memberships

  • Memberships to suit all needs
  • Fast online account setup
  • Purchase KeyCards w/ KeyTile for added convenience
  • TCX on your phone, in your wallet, on your keys
  • App dashboard for easy account overview

TCX Café Experience

  • Scan your unique account code
  • Display your name & fave drink (cool, right!)
  • Scan a TCX Cup
  • Serve your drink in the TCX Cup
  • Takeaway and Enjoy

Enable Takeaway Freedom.

Want TCX at your fave cafe (or your own), at work, on campus or… well… anywhere?
Flick us your deets and we’ll be in touch to get you connected.