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Nup! We love reusable cups, but TCX is different is a big way. TCX Cups are Exchangeable, they are specially engineered to be used 1,000s of times with no damage or loss of quality.

TCX Exchangeable Cups eliminate the reliance on single-use disposable cups (like paper). And our members never have to remember to bring or wash our Cups. They are stocked at your fave cafes, ready to go when you are.

We’re there for you when you’ve left your personal re-usable cup at home.

We’re there for you when you’ve left it on your desk as you’re running to a meeting.

We’re there for you when you NEED that extra hit of caffeine and your re-usable cup is dry and a little bit gross.

We’re there for you, so you don't need to keep using paper, disposables or single-use cups.

This is how we can all achieve Zero Waste to Landfill, and help save our planet.

Nope! You may choose to rinse it out when you’ve finished your drink, but each TCX Exchangeable Cup will be professionally washed and inspected after you return or exchange it.

If you notice that a TCX Cup is damaged in any way please let the returning café know so that we can collect it, crush it into teeny pellets & turn it back into a fresh new TCX Cup.

You can see the crushing process in action here. It's glorious.

If you’ve lost a TCX Cup please let us know by filling out the LOST CUP form in your Account dashboard so we can see how we can help you.

You can release a lost cup & continue using your account for $3 via your online account.

Just make sure you remove the lid!

Once you've done that, go for it! TCX cups are microwave (and dishwasher) safe.

Unlike Gremlins.

TCX cups are extremely durable and are also dishwasher safe, so yes, have at it!

However each TCX Cup will be professionally cleaned & inspected after you return the Cup, so you never have to wash it yourself.

We currently have a web app - head to www.tcx.org on your phone and you can add the page to your home screen as an app.

An Apple store and Google Play app is in the works and will be available in the near future.

Inside your account dashboard, you'll notice the ability to add "your favourite" drink. Once you have selected your fave, it will be displayed any time you scan your account code at a café (*for online accounts only, link your KeyCard at any time).

This way your barista will always know you're after a Large Dirty Chai Latte with Soy milk and two sugars


A real-time Cup Ticker is displayed on your Account Dashboard. We've designed this so that you get to see how you’re contributing to the total number of cups being saved from landfill, and know your impact over time.

It's how you'll know that you're making a real difference.

Every Exchange makes a huge Change!


TCX Exchange Credits give you access to the TCX network. You can exchange a Credit for a TCX Cup every time you grab a coffee from any participating cafe or centralised TCX Collection Kiosk.

Your TCX Exchange Credits track how many TCX Exchangeable Cups you can check out at any one time (but it doesn’t track any individual data, phew!). When you scan out a TCX Cup at a café, your credits will reduce by one until you return the Cup to a participating cafe or TCX Return point. We scan it back in, and voila! your credit is back on your account.

One Cup = One Credit. Personal Accounts come loaded with 2 Exchange Credits.

You get Exchange Credits when you purchase a pre-paid TCX KeyCard, or subscribe to any online account.

You can subscribe online here...

That’s fine. All subscriptions come with at least two cup credits, meaning that even if you forget to bring your TCX Cup back you can still grab a second Cup. Just remember to return both cups next time.

If you've forgotten all of your Cups, you can always buy an additional Credit for $3.

And if you lose all of your Cups, you can release a lost Cup for $3.

Yes. You can check out as many cups as you have available Exchange Credits.

You initially have access to 2 Exchange Credits with a Personal Account. Family & Corporate accounts vary depending on your subscription level.

You can check your remaining Exchange credits, and which Cups you currently have checked out, at any time via your online account.

You will receive your Exchange Credit back once you’ve returned the TCX Cup to a participating café or public return point.

Depending on when you return or exchange the Cup, your Credit will be available immediately, or by 7:30am the following day.

This is because we collect, wash and scan all the Cups across our network overnight, ready for re-stocking the next morning.

Absolutely. If you find that you need additional Exchange Credits, you can add credits to your account at any time. Simply tap 'ADD CREDITS' in your online account.

Personal Plans can add up to a total of 3 Exchange Credits. An additional Credit is $3.

Family Plans can add up to a total of 6 Exchange Credits. An additional Credit is $3.

Corporate Plans can add up to a total of 50 Exchange Credits. An additional Credit is $3.


Don’t throw it away!

You can return the Exchangeable Cups to any participating café at your convenience, so they can be scanned in and your Exchange Credit returned. In the future, we’ll be adding additional public return points to make using the TCX service even more convenient.

You can return TCX Cups at any participating café or public Return point at your convenience.

TCX Lids from the optional Travel Pack are yours to keep and reuse. If you have been supplied a recyclable plastic lid by your café they should be placed in an appropriate recycling bin.

Your Exchange Credits are returned to your account once the TCX Cup has been scanned in at the café or return kiosk.

Depending on time of day, your Credit will either appear immediately, or by 7:30am the following morning.

Please let us know via the Contact form on our website as soon as possible so we can investigate.

Send us an email here!


Payments for a TCX Membership are made through the website via Mastercard and Visa credit cards.

Subscriptions to the TCX Service are ongoing and billed monthly.

You can cancel any time, even though we'd be sad to see you leave *single tear*

At the end of your subscription period (monthly), your subscription will automatically renew using the payment details provided during sign up. If you have requested a change to your subscription it will be reflected from the renewal date.

Yes of course! You can change any time if you would like to upgrade or downgrade your Membership Plan. At the same time, you also have the option to increase the number of available Exchange Credits on your account.

You can view our different Membership Plans here.

Please let us know via the Contact form on our website as soon as possible so we can investigate.

You can cancel any time by clicking the 'cancel' link in any email from us, or by logging into your Account dashboard and clicking 'cancel my account'.

You can't pause your membership, but ou can cancel any time by clicking the 'cancel' link in any email from us, or by logging into your Account dashboard and clicking 'cancel my account' - and simply renew your Membership again when you're ready. Your Account will not be dedelted.

Send us an email here!


TCX Exchangeable Cups are made from a next generation glass-replacement polymer called Tritan, which is BPA/BPS/EA-free. Tritan is medical grade and used in many things, like popular brand water bottles, as it offers vibrant colour, clarity, durability and dishwasher safety - with no residual taste or chemical leaching!

A FCN (Food Contact Substance Notification) notice #729 declared that Tritan is safe and meets all FDA guidelines for material that comes into repeated contact with food.

At end of life, TCX Cups are collected by us to be crushed into pellets and made back into brand new TCX Cups, aka: Zero waste to landfill!

You can watch the crush in action here...

Probably better! Our Cups have been used by ASCA (The Australian Specialty Coffee Association) at the 2019 Cup Tasting Championships because of our superior taste quality.

Because we have specifically designed and manufactured the Cups using the highest-grade Tritan from Eastman, the coffee tastes how the roasters intended it to. Visit www.tritanfromeastman.com for more information.

Absolutely not. The code is there so TCX can see whether the Cups are currently in or out of the exchange system to manage stock levels. The unique code on each TCX Cup is also used to connect a Cup to your Account whenever you scan one out. This helps us track who has a cup at any specific time, so we can make sure Cups are being shared across our network.

This is how we eliminate the need to keep making & throwing away cups. By continually exchanging TCX Cups, far fewer Cups are required, than when single-use disposable cups are being consumed.

The QR code also counts how many single-use cups have been saved from landfill, individually on your account, and onto the global counter – which you can see on your phone when logged into tcx.org.

*TCX does not collect personal location data and will never share user information with any third parties. Please feel free to review our Privacy Policy to learn more.

Not really. Most paper coffee cups use a plastic waterproof lining which means they can actually contaminate a recycling load when mixed with paper and cardboard. This often means the whole load may end up in landfill, Just because of a rouge paper cup.

TCX Cups have been designed to replicate familiar commercial single-use cup sizes: 8oz, 12oz and 16oz.

That's Small, Medium & Large for us laypeople 😉

With your TCX Membership, you can actually get ANY sized Cup at any time, you are not locked into a specific size.

TCX offers members the option to purchase a handy Travel Pack which contains an rPET dry bag and 2 reusable lids (made from Tritan).

However, TCX Cups have been designed to be compatible with commonly available 80mm (8oz) and 90mm (12oz/16oz) single-use lids available at most cafes.

Corporates and local cafes will have the option to design their own branded lids with different colours and logos.

However, TCX Cups are not customisable. Why? Because of the exchangeability of TCX Cups, a Cup can move from one cafe to another, and having generic Cups allows greater interchangeability across our entire network.

Honestly, it's a bit of a sticky situation. Paper-based cups are lined with a thin layer or membrane of polyethylene (plastic) which helps to make them waterproof, but it means they are not recyclable alongside paper or cardboard as the lining can't be separated from the paper in Australian facilities.

Australian recycling facilities also aren’t equipped to effectively process biodegradable paper cups.

Even compostable cups generally end up in landfill, and when they do they off-gas C02 into the atmosphere.

When an Exchangeable Cup is scanned and linked to your account, you're responsible for it until you return it & it's scanned back into the exchange. Technically, you can keep it as long as you want. But if you run out of Credits, you'll need to return a Cup so you can exchange it for a new one.

So you never own the Cup. We maintain ownership so that we can maintain product standards and service, and so that we can manage the end-of-life processing for any damaged Cups - crushing them & turning them back into new TCX Cups.

TCX takes responsibility for our Cups when they reach end-of-life. We remove them from circulation, crush them down, and use 100% of the material to make another TCX Cup. Creating a completely closed loop product.

However, please do not place them into recycling bins as they will likely not be separated and could end up going to landfill.

You should always return TCX Cups to participating cafes and return points.


Shoot us an email here and we’ll be in touch!

TCX supplies cafes with unlimited TCX Exchangeable Cups free of charge. There is a nominal service fee and bond for the TCX system,  software & hardware platform. But this can be reduced based on the number of TCX Cups a cafe scans out every month.

An average busy cafe can effectively use the TCX system for free.

TCX also provides additional incentives, rewards and partner programs for cafe owners.

For a standard TCX enabled cafe installation, we will provide two scanners and a dual tablet display to allow you to operate the TCX system. We can also customise the setup with multiple units and other items such as a self-serve return station, which can be provided depending on the scale of your establishment.

We will work with you to ensure the TCX hardware placed in the best location based on your café’s layout and workflow. Typically, the main scanner and tablet display will be located where you usually receive customer orders.

The TCX system has been designed as a standalone POS transaction system that helps streamline café operations. We are considering integration to custom and third-party systems in the very near future.

We will provide all the necessary training for you and your staff to operate the TCX system. If you have any further questions or require additional training please contact us.

We will work with you to find that sweet number. Factors include the volume of drinks per day, volumes of other cafes in the area, and the number of  TCX Members in the area. We can always give you more and take them off your hands if you have too many. The system is designed to manage stock levels across the TCX network, so you'll always have the Cups you need to keep your business running.

TCX Cups can be washed in commercial dishwashers or hand-washed

TCX Cups have been tested to wash 4,000+ times in a commercial dishwasher without any crazing, cracking, warping or discolouration.

We will work with you to provide marketing material appropriate to your establishment.You may choose to run promotions such as loyalty bonuses or discounted coffees to encourage uptake of TCX. The system has built-in loyalty, so you can do away with the hole punch!

TCX rPET Travel Bags

Small, sealable dry bags that hold two TCX cups, for transporting them when you’re on-the-go. They are water- & coffee-proof, and come in a range of colours.

rPET is made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate bottles. We take plastic soft drink and water bottles and recycle them into our dry bags! All components are 100% recyclable.

The dry bags are great for clipping onto your bike, chucking in the back of the car, or in your bag, to prevent little leakages from the cups when you can't get that last drip of coffee out before you return the ups.