Subscribe to the TCX service with an online account or purchase a Pre-Paid TCX Keycard.


Collect an Exchangeable TCX Cup from a participating cafe, or TCX exchange point. Your barista will scan it to your account.


Enjoy the taste clarity of our specially designed Cups, as you takeaway your favorite coffee or hot drink.


When you’re done, return your dirty Cup to any TCX Return point, or participating cafe.

Let's break it down...

You can join TCX here. As a member you have instant access to the entire TCX network - meaning you can grab a takeaway TCX Cup anywhere you find a participating cafe, or one of our convenient Exchange Points.

You can setup an online account (with 2 active Cup Credits), or purchase a Pre-Paid KeyCard that you can top-up as you go.

For ultimate convenience, you can link your KeyCard to your online account, and snap off the handy snap tag.

Now you’ve got TCX on your phone, on your keys and in your wallet. Ready to grab a coffee whenever, wherever.

Members can grab an exchangeable TCX Cup from any participating Cafe or Exchange location. The Exchange is enabled through our smart inventory & technology platform, that allows us to allocate unique Cups to unique people, like you.

When you collect your TCX Cup, it gets allocated to your account via a quick scan of the QR code.

No, we cannot track your every move! That’s not cool. But, what we can do is help avoid waste going to landfill by returning Cups back into the Exchange. As soon as you do, your account gets credited and you’re ready for the next time you need a caffeine hit on-the-go.

Oh hey, you forgot your Cup? All good. Your account comes with 2 Cup credits. So, as long as you bring them back when convenient you will never run out of access to Cups - plus you never have to wash one!

TCX Exchangeable Cups are the ultimate convenience. You can grab them anywhere*, anytime, and take them with you as you would any takeaway or re-usable cup.

Easy hey.

TCX Cups are BPA, BPS and “B.S.”-free 😉 Because they’re made from an odourless glass-replacement material, that doesn't contaminate the taste of your drink, you can savour your coffee, whilst saving the planet #winning.

Did you know that TCX Cups are used by leading baristas, and professional Cup Tasters (like actual expert coffee drinkers) due to their taste clarity. Check out highlights from the 2019 Championships here…

*Where Available.

Smashed your 4th latte for the morning? Sweet. All you need to do is return your TCX Cup back at the Cafe, or at one of our convenient Exchange locations across the city.

The best bit? You don’t even have to wash it. We’ll look after that for you.

By bringing back your Cup you have completed an exchange, and saved the Planet by stopping one paper cup from going to landfill. The more times you use an exchangeable TCX Cup, the more you help flip the script on pollution caused by single-use cup contamination.

Did you know that it only takes a few paper cups to contaminate a recycling bin!! I know right! We were shocked too. That’s why we started TCX, so that all of us can make a real difference in the war on waste.

Thank you for doing your part 🙂


The TCX Exchange service is a perfect blend of Design & Technology. Being able to track Cups means we can maximise re-use and create efficiency across our network. Meaning we don’t need to keep making new cups - this is how we Close The Loop on single-use items.


Tritan™ Tough

TCX Cups are made from a next-generation glass replacement material called Tritan. Tested to wash over 4,000 times, the material allows maximum re-use with no discolouration, cracking or loss of performance.

100% Re-Purposed

When a TCX Cup reaches end of life - for any reason - we collect it, crush it into pellets & turn 100% of the material into a brand new TCX cup. See it in action here...

Laser Etched

The graphics (including the QR code) on the Cups use absolutely no inks or dyes! In fact they’re literally burnt on with a fricken laser beam. This way the material is not contaminated, so we can use all of it for new Cups.

Standard Sizes

Small, Medium, Large. Tall, Venti, Grande. 8oz, 12oz, 16oz. Whatever you call them, we got ‘em. TCX Exchangeable Cups come in the standard sizes you’ll find at most cafes. Plus they fit standard recyclable lids, and are engineered to stack without sticking.

Mmmmm Cup-a-liscious

TCX Cups are free of all the nasties you might find in other plastics. There’s no chemical leeching, no staining, and no transfer of substances into your drink… like, eww. This makes drinks served in TCX Cups taste better, as there’s nothing to get in the way.


Because We Scan!

Finally, a practical use for QR codes!! Yay. By linking Cups to Users, via a quick code scan, we make TCX Exchangeable Cups easy to re-use & exchange, meaning they never get thrown away to landfill.

Goes With The Workflow

We’ve made the TCX platform as easy to integrate into cafes as possible. We know you’re busy, so with TCX you get a standalone plug & play system that just works.

Real-Time Impact

Ever wondered what sustainability looks like in real-time? As a TCX member, you can see your impact on the environment via your online dashboard. A real-time ticker shows how many cups you’ve saved from landfill
(+1 for every time you’ve exchanged a TCX Cup).

Be Local, Everywhere

Sick of being called Jaramie, Jeremy? With TCX, your fave drink & your actual human name is stored on your account so the barista will always remember you and your Large, skinny, half-strength, no foam latte - no matter which cafe you're ordering from.

Loyalty Royalty

We've built a loyalty & rewards program into the TCX platform, so you can do away with the hole-punch and upgrade to automated customer rewards. You're welcome!