TCX is founded on the principles of the Circular Economy.

For us, designing out waste starts with superior product engineering & material innovation. We asked ourselves, how can we re-define the iconic qualities of the paper cup through the lens of a circular economy. TCX Exchangeable Cups deliver product familiarity for cafés & coffee lovers – with next generation user experience & true sustainability in mind. We engineered a Takeaway Cup that feels great, tastes better & saves the planet.


An ecosystem of sustainable design.

Designing out Waste: Engineered for a Circular Economy

All TCX products have been designed from the ground up with real circularity and waste avoidance in mind. Our aim is to minimise our impact on the environment wherever possible by designing systems, creating production methods & sourcing sustainable materials that enable us to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill.

TCX Cups: Made Tritan™ Tough

When we started designing the TCX cup, we knew we needed a high quality material that was durable, would wash thousands of times & be 100% re-claimable at end of life. That’s why we chose Tritan™ from Eastman.

“BPA-Free Tritan™ is engineered to be better. Better than glass. Better than stainless. Better than any other plastic. Products made with Tritan™ plastic are…durable, safe and stylish.”

Tritan™ is built tough and supports maximum re-use – and won’t crack, craze, discolour or warp. It’s also highly chemical resistant, which is important because coffee stains! This is also why your coffee tastes better in a TCX Cup – there’s zero taste contamination (unlike with paper) so you get 100% flavour.

Oh, and you can hit it with a baseball bat. (*to save the legal fees – we put some videos here instead – pls do not try this at home)

TCX Exchangeable Cups:

  • Highest quality medical-grade co-polymer
  • Shatterproof Glass replacement material
  • BPA, BPS & EA Free and Microwave safe
  • No ‘cheap n’ nasty’ feel like polypropylene
  • Same material used in commercial blender jugs, water bottles, baby sippy-cups
  • Engineered for Clarity, Durability, Safety & Style
  • Tested to wash 4,000+ times in an industrial washer
  • Superiority of Tritan™ has been clearly proven by third-party labs
  • Tritan™ from Eastman retains its color and gloss even after hundreds of dishwasher cycles
  • Tritan™ won’t warp or crack in the dishwasher
  • And, unlike stainless steel, Tritan™ won’t dent or ding
  • Tritan™ has been tested by four third-party labs and shown to be free of any estrogenic and androgenic activity (EA-free)
  • Not only is Tritan™ a BPA-free plastic, it doesn’t contain BPS (bisphenol S) or any other bisphenols

Fricken Laser Beams

To encourage exchange and return of TCX Cups, every Cup is marked with a unique QR code – that way we can identify every individual Cup and know who has custodianship at any time (whether that be our TCX wash facility, a café or a human person).

Cups also need to be highly washable – thousands of times –  to maximise circulation & reuse. That’s why we tapped our inner Dr. Evil and zapped our Cups with fricken laser beams!

Lasering means there’s no inks or dyes to wash off, and leaves the material intact so we can completely close the loop by re-making TCX Cups into new ones if they ever reach end of life. Just another way we maintain full circularity.

Lasering Ensures

  • Graphics are literally burnt onto the surface – like browning toast
  • No inks, dyes or contaminants
  • The material remains 100% Tritan™
  • Cups have been tested to wash 4,000 times in an industrial washer
  • At EOL we crush & re-make 100% of the material into a new TCX Cup

TCX Smart Bags

TCX Drop Boxes provide a convenient return option for our members. We ensure sustainability – and no single-use – by lining Drop Boxes with TCX Smart Bags.

Our custom-made re-usable dry bags collect TCX Cups & liquid waste safely, sustainably and easily. Lightweight & waterproof with an easy-close clasp, TCX Smart Bags are easy & safe to collect, store and transport from offices & buildings to our wash facility.

Smart Bags are smart because we’re able to track the number of Cups collected from individual bags & boxes. So we can report real-time data to tenants, buildings, and even cities, on the total numbers of cups being saved from landfill every single day.

Every time a TCX Cup lands in a TCX Smart Bag, we’ve saved a single-use cup from being made, used for 5 minutes & disposed into landfill or pollution.

Our TCX Smart Bags:

  • Custom made from 100% rPET
  • Ensure sustainable collection of TCX Cups
  • Eliminate the need for single-use plastic bin liners
  • Safe, secure transport of used Cups & liquid waste
  • Easy, safe & convenient for collection from tenancies & premises
  • Waterproof, Lightweight, Secure

TCX Travel Bag

You’ve finished your drink, and are hustling to your next appointment – what do you do? To optimise convenience we wanted a practical way for members to carry used TCX Cups without spilling coffee inside their bags.

So we made a portable mini dry bag! A waterproof pouch members can safely pop their TCX Cup in until they can return it to a cafe or Drop Box. No leaks, stains or stress.

But how do we make that sustainable? Seeing as no-one was making sustainable dry bags, we custom manufactured some out of recycled PET water bottles.

Our rPET Dry Bag

  • Custom made from 100% rPET
  • Water-proof
  • Long lasting
  • Durable
  • Convenient

TCX Personal Lids

Takeaway needs to be easy to… well… take away & keeping your drink inside the Cup is ideal when you’re on-the-go.

Because TCX Cups are interchangeable between locations – and because our research showed people don’t like sharing lids (we call it the “Lipstick Problem”) – we designed a custom Personal Lid for members to protect their laps from on-the-go drips n’ spills.

Our Personal Lids

  • Replicate the iconic takeaway lid form factor
  • Are made from LLDPE for durability and fit
  • Include a handy swivel tab enclosure to prevent drips
  • Larger steam hole – for fuller flavour profile
  • 2 sizes to fit all TCX Cups
  • Are microwave safe
  • BPA-, BPS- & EA-Free

Enable Takeaway Freedom.

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