The TCX Difference: Transition To Single-Use Freedom.

Real Circularity

TCX is the only genuinely closed-loop circular economy coffee cup program that targets avoidance of single-use cups in cafés, offices, building, campuses & cities.

Founded on the principles of the Circular Economy, we help people & organisations transition away from linear practices of resource-intensive production, short-term usage & waste disposal.

The traditional model of take > make > use > dispose is killing our planet. It’s time to evolve our thinking and do things differently – it’s time to transition into the Circular Economy.


Analysing Cup Alternatives.

Lifecycle Analysis

Waste Hierarchy

Solution Comparison

From Recycling to Avoidance

The Cup Exchange (TCX) was founded on the principles of the Circular Economy, as a remedy to the shocking production and disposal waste created by single-use plastics, paper, and disposable items.

Here at TCX, we imagine a world where single-use disposable cups are a thing of the past, and this has driven us to answer one question: “How do we genuinely close the loop on single-use waste?” We are moving swiftly towards this vision by providing a convenient and sustainable alternative to single-use coffee cups.

TCX focuses on minimizing production and maximizing lifetime utilization, therefore TCX products are designed for 1,000s of uses. At end of life, products are removed from circulation and 100% of the material is recovered and re-purposed into new TCX products.

Genuine sustainability requires mass behavioural change. TCX is the only single-use cup alternative to consider every stage of the user journey – from café, to work, to home and every step in between – and ensure a fully closed loop on takeaway cups.

We’ve made sustainability convenient, efficient & easy. By managing custodianship, and taking responsibility for our products throughout the journey, we’re able to avoid waste and create a network of care.

TCX: For Better Taste.

You wouldn’t serve fine wine in a paper cup. So why do it with your coffee?

TCX Cups are engineered from superior quality material to deliver taste clarity to match the exacting standards of top baristas, roasters, café operators & coffee connoisseurs. Your drink simply tastes better in a TCX Cup.

MJ Kim Cup Tasters Championship

Barista Approved

We ensure a better tasting coffee, because TCX Cups are:

  • ASCA approved for taste clarity
  • Made from BPA, BPS & EA-Free medical-grade Tritan™ from Eastman
  • No chemical leeching. No flavour contamination. 100% coffee taste.
  • Superior quality material for a perfect takeaway taste.
  • Matching the exacting standards of Top Baristas & premium coffee roasters

Sustainable From Crop to Cup

We admire the patience & craftsmanship of the farmer who tended & prepared the crop.

We appreciate the time and dedication the roaster took to source, select & roast the finest beans.

We adore the attention to detail the barista poured into your latte art.

We designed a Cup that completes the journey.

Australian TCX Cup Tasters Championship

TCX Cups are the chosen vessel for the National Cup Tasters Championship, presented by the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA).

ASCA chose TCX due to the taste clarity of our Tritan™ Cups – and to put an end to the ludicrous number of paper cups being used at their events.

“In the past, we would use and discard thousands of paper cups at each event, but the challenge for us was finding a truly sustainable alternative that we could easily transport to use at multiple events. TCX Cups are a fantastic solution – not only do they eliminate waste, but the material of the Cup has been designed to ensure no contamination to taste, which is imperative to the integrity of a Cup Tasters Competition.” – ASCA President, Kieran Westlake

Competitors love TCX Cups, and are even training with our competiton edition Cups to better prepare for the upcoming World Championships hosted in Australia in 2020.

And who are we to argue with Australia’s top coffee experts?

TCX: For Visible Sustainability.

Helping businesses demonstrate commitment to sustainability.

With rising demands for real action on climate from millennial employees – now making up 50-60% of the professional workforce – and demonstratable commitment to sustainability, organisations are facing more pressure than ever to provide access to sustainable programs for employees. TCX deliver high-visibility, high-touch programs with rich data & education to support corporate CSR objectives and design workplace cultures around sustainable best practice & circular thinking.

Data-Driven CSR

TCX Corporate Programs deliver a high-touch demonstration of how to design a circular economy business model. Through our Exchangeable Cup programs, not only do we move the organisation towards single-use cup freedom, we help management & employees understand the application of circular thinking to business.

TCX programs provide valuable, reportable & real-time insights into an organisation’s CSR activities. Programs are designed to encourage high employee engagement & increase EVP against tangible commitment to sustainability.

Real-Time Data for Business

  • Live Odometer via API – “Single-Use Cups Avoided”
  • Every time a TCX Cup is scanned, you avoid the manufacture & use of a disposable cup
  • Real-time CSR data for Businesses linked to in-tenancy Drop Boxes – “Cups Saved from landfill”
  • Every time a TCX Cup is collected from a Drop Box, a disposable cup is saved from going to landfill
  • Demonstrate genuine positive action on climate change
  • Celebrate & share sustainability success
  • Improve sustainability performance with valuable insights & data-driven reporting
  • Capture, display & report meaningful numbers to stakeholders, staff & customers

TCX Sustainability Programs:

  • Improve Organisation’s Employee Value Proposition
  • Add Value around key motivators for millennial candidates – sustainability, climate change
  • High Visibility, High Touch & High Impact
  • Provide verifiable data-driven proof points of your organisation’s sustainability actions
  • Easy & convenient setup, fast deployment & low cost
  • Education around Circular Economy thinking & application across the business
TCX: For A Happy Planet.

Designed for full circularity to genuinely close the loop on single-use waste.

What makes TCX more sustainable than other alternatives? TCX is designed for waste avoidance, and is the next evolution beyond linear economy models of recycling and waste management. While other solutions focus on “making a better cup”, we’ve designed an entire ecosystem of sustainability to deliver a truly circular economy solution.

Paper Cup Production Process

TCX vs The Paper Cup

How is TCX different from a paper cup?

Paper cups are not recyclable, contrary to popular belief and general misinformation. All single-use cups, whether they be paper, bamboo, biodegradable, compostable, made of coffee grinds or coconut shells must be lined with plastic to make them waterproof.

Even “recycling” or “composting” services, that claim to be more sustainable, are still predicated on making single-use cups in the frst place and then trying to get rid of them in a novel way that attempts to minimise the disposal impact.

Anything that is single-use requires inordinate amounts of resources in manufacturing for the 5-10 minutes of use before disposal as pollution or landfill. A paper cup requires 1 litre of water to produce, and follows a 14-step process from sourcing the virgin materials (trees) to pulping, shaping, lining and delivering the final cup to a cafe.

TCX Cups use single-shot injection molding of a medical-grade glass replacement co-polymer called Tritan™. This minimises manufacturing and creates no production waste, whilst producing a cup that can wash 4,000+ times.

Tritan™ provides longevity to TCX products, as it is chemical resistant (coffee stains!), BPA-, BPS- and EA-Free, and won’t crack, craze, warp or discolour. If it ever does, TCX collects the Cup, crushes it into pellets and re-makes 100% of the material into a new TCX Cup.

This is how TCX guarantees Zero Waste to Landfill through a genuine circular economy solution.

TCX vs Reusable Cups

How does TCX compare to a reusable cup?

Reusable cups are a more sustainable option than single-use cups, however, there is a high level of inconvenience, as users need to remember, carry and wash their own cups.

We know that only 6-8% of people regularly get takeaway in a reusable, and many have several reusables somewhere at home, in the car or at the office.

TCX provides the sustainability of a re-usable cup, with the added convenience of it being already at the cafe. There’s no need to remember, carry or wash a BYO cup.

TCX Cups also never go to landfill, unlike many reusable cups, which at end of life (when they crack, smash, break or get gross) end up in the bin. The usable life of a TCX Cup is thousands of exchanges, compared to the 100s of times a reusable cup can be used before it becomes unusable due to wear and tear, breakage or hygiene.


Single-Use Production Impact

Based on readily available data sources, we can calculate the environmental impacts of producing a paper cup vs producing a TCX Cup.

Paper cups need 3 trees worth of virgin fibre for every 100 cups made, require 1 litre of water, produce 110 grams of CO2 & produce 1 kilo of production waste per cup.

To suggest this is unsustainble seems like a gross understatement. Yet paper cup production is increasing, and it’s our planet that is bearing the brunt of the assault.

We think there’s a better way. How about we stop the need to produce 3.3 Million paper cups every day (in Australia alone) – and Avoid waste in the first place.

Here’s how producing a TCX Cup compares to making a paper cup:

  • Minimise CO2 Emissions by up to 99.9%
  • Minimise Water Usage by up to 93%
  • Reduce Oil Usage up to 67%
  • Eliminate 100% of Virgin Tree Fibre used
  • Eliminate 100% of Manufacturing Waste

Wanna see your company’s impact?
Check your impact on the TCX Climate Impact Calculator

TCX Impact

So what about us? What is the environmental impact of producing & servicing the network of TCX Cups?

For us, the main impact factors are Collecting, Transporting & Washing our Cups, as well as the Re-manufacture process for EOL Cups.

Here’s how the data washes out… washes… get it!

  • Transport: ~300 joules per cup (per 2.5km) *Central CBD location minimises transport distance.
  • Washing: 68ml of water per cup & 4.4 Watts of power per cup (using highly energy-efficient conveyor washer)
  • Re-Manufacture: ~50 Watts per cup (crushing + single-shot injection molding)

Enable Takeaway Freedom.

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