The evolution of takeaway needs a revolutionary platform.

The TCX IT Platform makes circular thinking visible. To truly deliver on the promises of the Circular Economy we built a platform to track custodianship of inventory – using the world as our warehouse. This lets us deploy smart architecture to cafés to give our members fast access to the TCX service, in a lightweight, customisable footprint that doesn’t impede POS workflow.


Tech Enabled Circularity.

Smart Inventory: Coding a Circular Economy

Smart Inventory™

Building a platform to power a circular economy business started with the idea of using the World as our warehouse. If we could track inventory within this warehouse, we’d be able to ensure product stewardship and take responsibility for our products at all times.

TCX smart inventory & custom-engineered Exchangeable Cups allow us to deliver cups-as-a-service, eliminating reliance on single-use disposable cups.

Every TCX Cup is identified with a unique mini QR code. This way we can track the custodianship of the Cup at any time – whether that’s our wash facility, a café, a Drop Box or a TCX member.

Custodianship gives us visibility of our product at all times, and is the mechanism that drives our ability to genuinely close-the-loop and deliver zero waste to landfill.

TCX Cups are also lasered with a human-readable Cup Number to help identify Cups during café service and within a Member’s account.

Creating Custodianship

  • World as warehouse
  • Assign Cups to Members
  • Track Custodianship across the network
  • Encourage exchange & return

Real-Time Data

Thanks to smart inventory, you can literally measure your impact on the planet. Your personal (or business) Cup Odometer shows in real-time the number of single-use cups you’ve helped avoid the production of.

For businesses, reporting from Drop Boxes adds insights on single-use cups saved from landfill, as Drop Boxes in tenancies & buildings contribute to closing the ‘disposal’ end of the product loop.

The TCX Reporting dashboard provides deeper insights on how TCX helps businesses and precincts create visibility around KPI’s, CSR and sustainability targets.

All our data remains totally anonymous. We aggregate total numbers from our sources and never, ever share personal information, like ever.

TCX Data

  • Real-Time CSR reporting
  • Instant ‘Feel Good’ Gratification of avoiding single-use
  • Positive reward & motivation (Cups Avoided & Saved)
  • Sustainability proof point for organisations
  • Anonymous, aggregated data secured from TCX-owned sources

Built for Scale & Speed

The TCX Platform delivers High Volume Transaction handling for lightning speed operation at cafés.

Café operators are busy enough – we don’t want to get in the way of customer service. So we’ve deployed a software & equipment package that minimises handling time & creates seamless flow for Cup allocation, that doesn’t hold up drink orders.

System Architecture designed for:

  • Speed at cafe POS
  • Manage high volume transactions at scale
  • Minimal handling times
  • Fast server response times for zero system lag
  • High-grade refurbished hardware & equipment (devices & scanners)

Enhanced Cafe Experience

Minimal Cafe equipment footprint & flexible configuration to suit different workflows.

TCX Café Starter Pack

  • Customer facing Tablet
  • Barista facing Phone
  • Hand Scanner
  • Configurable displays stands
TCX Mobile.

Empowering the next generation of change-makers.

The TCX App

Fast, easy access to your TCX Account. Scan account code at cafés, manage TCX Cup Credits, Loyalty & find enabled cafés. Set your fave drink for café recognition and more.

TCX Mobile Features.

Enhance your café experience with rich features & account tools.


Quick account creation ready for use


Account mini QR enables fast scanning


Account Code scans easily at cafés


Dashboard overview of key features


TCX Loyalty Program offsets membership with free drinks


Invite Friends - Get Rewards (Coming Soon)


Set your fave drink for enhanced café experience


Buy & Link TCX Cards for convenient access


Manage TCX Cups out & Lost Cups


Live map of enable café network

Enable Takeaway Freedom.

Want TCX at your fave cafe (or your own), at work, on campus or… well… anywhere?
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